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If you’re fired up about optimal performance, but need the most streamlined way to start training, consider our most popular and accessible offering


In this six week course you will learn:

  • Your Flow profile and the five questions to answer to get more from your natural strengths
  • The Flow Cycle Unpacked—how understanding the process from struggle to recovery lets you take the hits better and ride the wave longer
  • The Flow Genome Matrix—mapping the neuro-somatics of optimum performance and learning how to harness them
  • The Nine Essentials of Flow Hacking and how to design experiences to include more of them
  • States and Stages—the critical difference between Flow states and ongoing development, and how to leverage one in service of the other
  • Flow Technology—what works/what doesn’t in the Pro-sumer smart tech space, and how to invest in the tools that make a difference
  • The Power Hour—how to turbo-charge your daily practice in 60 minutes with a customized training program you can actually stick with
  • Flow Training Log

Like your learning a little more “straight-up” and experiential?  So do we.  That’s why we’ve crafted some of the most rip-roaring and enjoyable deep-dives into Flow imaginable.  Take a world-class destination, add professional athletes, neuroscientists, authors and instructors, mix-in some of the most Flow-prone activities on earth, and spend a week training your game and having the time of your life.  Professional development and personal vacation united in one powerful package!


We’ve found a little-known location in the Caribbean with one of the best bonefish and permit fisheries in the world, and pure turquoise waters with tradewinds perfect for kitesurfing.  Come and stay on our own private cay, spend time with world-class instructors learning the art of Flow with a rod or a kiteboard, and spend evenings in thought-provoking sessions with leading experts in the science and psychology of Flow states.  (no flyfishing or kiteboarding experience necessary, but if they’re already your passion, you’ll be in heaven!)


Join us at the largest ski area with the highest average snowfall in all of America to explore Flow states in the mountains.  Whether your passion is downhill or telemark skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing,  we’ll combine brain training, physical preparation, and real-time practices on the slopes , to give you rapid-cycle learning and application of what Flow in action looks and feels like.  Spend each morning in information packed briefings, head out on the mountain for four hour plus sessions, and then come back to the lodge for great meals and seminars into the evening.

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Learn about the latest  breakthroughs in neuroscience and performance psychology, and how your team can harness group Flow to boost creativity and innovation , ranging from a 15 min TED-style format up to a 90 minute comprehensive survey

Sample Topics:
  • Hacking Group Flow: Collective coherence and
  • Maximizing Human Capital:  Designing workplaces and incentives to get the absolute most out of your people
  • Flow Hackers:  Exposing a century old DIY movement
  • X-Games and Entrepreneurs—what extreme athletes can teach Silicon Valley about Breakthrough Innovation


if you want to go beyond just hearing about cool ideas, and actually start implementing them in your organization, consider one of these options (ranging from two-hour sessions following our keynotes, to full two-day retreats).  All workshops are highly interactive, and include learning outcomes and specific and actionable take-aways to ensure you implement


  • Redbull
  • Google
  • Omnicon
  • Metal
  • Young Presidents’ Organization
  • Advertising Research Foundation
  • Mindshare
  • Life is Beautiful festival
  • Summit Series
  • TEDx