Huffington Post Tackles Flow & Business

10 Jan 2014, Posted by admin in Flow Hacker Nation

This weekend the HuffingtonPost dedicated its ongoing TED Weekends section to business leadership. In each installment, the site invites writers to tackle subjects that have been addressed in famous TED talks.

Simon Sinek’s classic on business leadership — inspiring your company through storytelling — was the topic, and Rise of Superman author was invited to contribute an article about how flow inspires great leaders.

Here’s an excerpt of what Kotler has to say:

“How do great leaders inspire?” asks Simon Sinek, in his now famous TEDTalk on the subject.

Sinek has a great answer. Great leaders start with the why — telling us not how they’re going to do something, rather, why they’re doing it. The why inspires, the how not so much.

Yet there’s a deeper question here. Not how great leaders inspire, rather what inspires great leaders.

Turns out we have an answer to that question as well — though a peculiar one at that.

The answer is the radical state of consciousness known to scientists as “flow.”

In flow, we are so focused on the task at hand that all else falls away. Action and awareness merge. Time flies. Self vanishes. Performance goes through the roof.

Read the full article here.