If the Exploratorium and Cirque had a baby, it would look a lot like Flow Dojo

Swap the science for kinesthetics, and replace paying to be in the audience with playing as a member of the performance, and you’ve got it exactly.


Like the Exploratorium hands on science museum, Flow Dojo features carefully selected and sequenced interactive exhibits that intrigue and inform.


Like Cirque du Soleil, it harnesses our fascination with gravity-defying movement—but does this through participation rather than observation.


Flow Dojo unites children, adults and elders in the innate human desire to lose ourselves in dynamic play—in service of propagating and studying the Flow experience.


With increasingly inactive and obese children, overstressed and overworked adults, and millions of Baby Boomers extending their working careers past retirement age, we desperately need to re-imagine and re-invigorate our physical culture.


From the X-Games to Dancing with the Stars to Burning Man,  a global groundswell is celebrating multi-dimensional movement and community, and creating billion dollar markets for these experiential offerings.


We are creating safe ways to suspend the consquences of gravity so everyone can learn to Play Fearlessly.


Join us in our Flow Dojo learning labs, and train your body and brain to peak performance.


Dynamic Fitness.


Somatic Cognition.